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紀要№24 渡部論・久保田力・杉山朗子

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Analysis of spirituality rating scale items by using item response theory

 We analyzed 15 spirituality items by factor analysis.
From Higa’s 5 factors we combined to create 3
factors in our analysis. The first factor we shall call
‘self-consciousness and values’, the second factor
‘volition and meaningfulness’ and the third factor
‘human spirit’. Each of these designations became
group titles for item groups. After building a 2
parameter logistic model, we examined item
parameters, the ability parameter and item
information of the model. We found, however,
there were no items that reflected any difference
among examinees of high ability in the first and
third groups. But we also found that among the
groups, especially the second, there were mostly
only easy items and few difficult items. Additionally,
in the first group it was found that about half of
the examinees showed strong ‘self-consciousness
and values’ and the other half were found to have
weak one. But in the second group almost every
examinee showed strong ‘volition and
meaningfulness’, while the third group had more
than two-thirds of its members showing a strong
‘human spirit’. We conclude that more survey
items are necessary in order to measure and
understand examinees of high ability and their
degree of belongingness to some“transcendent

評定尺度(rating scale)、項目反応理論
(item response theory)



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