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IDA Shoichi“Tantra”: Study on Techniques and Conservation Treatment

 This paper focuses on the results of our
examination of the “Tantra” series by Shoichi
Ida, a major figurative artist in the post-World
War II era in Japan. The Tantra series, which
consists of four hundred and one paper works,
was continuously created through his entire
 The optical surveys revealed that these
works incorporated fragments and traces of
Ida’s body (hair, saliva, urine). He also used
materials which could insinuate the fragility
of life and death, such as turtle bones and
snake skin. All these unique materials damaged
the structure and surface through the passage
of times and smell of the works became a
serious issue. However, the research on
the notes that Ida kept as he worked revealed
that he was trying to devise effective measures
for the preservation of his works; though
he was using perishable materials, he wanted
his work to last.
 All these findings gave light on the actual
condition of Ida’s work, which had never been
investigated since 2016. This paper would also
report how the restoration was proceeded,not
only utilizing new discoveries but respecting
Ida’s intention, and how the safe and effective
re-storage plan was promoted.

井田照一=Ida Shoichi、保存=Conservation、
for contemporary art、もの派=mono-ha



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