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─ 意欲向上仮説とその検証

 During the Japanese school vacation seasons,
the Creativity Development Center of Tohoku
University of Art and Design has regularly held
workshops for the gradeschooler.Teachers
of Tohoku University of Art and Design planned
their workshops using specialties of theirs.
Workshop are expected to develop schoolchildren’
intelligences.The development of intelligences has
been verified using the result of a
specialquestionnaire. The questionnaire is
composed of 40 questions made by Ariga (2014)
corresponding to the MI theory.As a result,
conscious development of some intelligence by
workshops were statistically detected.
 How substance is it though the improvement
of intelligence by workshops were detected?
The measurement of the amount of the
improvement of intelligence during a day is
very difficult.It might assume that the intelligence
improvement was confirmed and is a limited field
or be atemporary improvement.
 On the other hand, pleasant and the happiness
of work and the device are given well in art-field
workshops.Pleasant might lead the motivation for
future.From this point of view, isn’t the improvement
of the motivation is more important than the
intelligence improvement? In this study, this
hypothesis is named “Improved motivation hypothesis”,
and detection was tried. Comparison analysis between
the participant’s feelings and the motivation were
also tried.As a result, workshop participant’s high
improved motivations were detected, which were
higher level than that of intelligence development.
Moreover, the higher motivations to the intelligence
improvement were detected from happy participants.



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