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紀要№24 池田知之・青木孝弘

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─ 米国先進調査と大学間連携山形講座の実践から─
The New Stage of Entrepreneurship Education: Trends and Challenges
─ From the advanced study of the United States and the practice of
Yamagata lecture ─

 Entrepreneurship education has grown over the last 10
years in Japan and almost half of colleges and universities
are offering courses related to entrepreneurship. On the
one hand, many people consider that school education
did not help in developing their sense of initiative.
 Based on the author’s studies in the United States and
Yamagata in Japan, this paper demonstrates new method
of the education. At the beginning, it outlines the current
state as well as the historical context of entrepreneurship
education. In the second place, it shows what programs
have been developed in Babson College and the University
of Tampa. Finally it examines advanced programs
among universities in Yamagata.

entrepreneurship, education, Babson, Tampa



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