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紀要№24 相羽康郎

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─ 不燃化と中高層化の歩み─

 The townscape has been created with complexed
factors as regulations, cords, building system, life
style,and so on.Although the traditional townscape
has maintained almost the same conditions with
those factors, an incident of traffic modernization
has taken place which provided the road-widening
and the changing townscape rebuilt along the road.
In the process of modernization fire-protect and
middle rise buildings have appeared which were
affected by new regulations based on City Planning
Lawand Building Standard Law established in 1919
those have performed important roles at that time.
 This article aims at surveying regulations to
clarify the influence of modern rules if they had
achieved the objectives to reconstruct townscape
from pre-modern wooden low-rise one to a
fire-protecting middle-rise townscape.



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