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─ 東北芸術工科大学における教育実践報告をもとに ─
A Study of Motivation and Formation of Habitual
Learning in Learning English
─ Based on the Report of Educational Practice
  at Tohoku University of Art and Design ─

 In order to acquire English skills in effective ways,
learners need to make a habit to learn English
voluntarily with appropriate motivations. The survey
of learners’ learning histories and their feelings
towards English at Tohoku University of Art and
Design reveals that their interests in English are
not so low, however they are not so sure about
what materials to study at home, and end up doing
only their assignments, or not studying at all, which
is a situation far from autonomous learning.
Therefore, it is obvious that teachers should
provide students with proper materials and keep a
close watch on them as they learn English both in
and outside school.
 “Jokyu (upper-level)” and “Hatten (advanced-
level)” classes tentatively introduced the use of a
“Learner’s notebook” this semester. This notebook
is designed as a supplement teaching aid, which
contains a lot of teaching materials for preparing
and reviewing lessons so that learners are able to
use it at home and in school. With such a
supplemental aid, teachers can reflect their ideas
and intentional aims for lessons on it, accordingly
motivating the students, and leading them to
habitual learning, that is to say, self-regulated

Motivation, Self-regulated learning,
Learner’s notebook



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