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紀要№23 相羽康郎

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The Change from Traditional Townscape to Modern One
─ A Brief Consideration about Several Causes of
  Traditional Townscape Diminishment ─

 The traditional townscape in Japan has been preserved
at over 100 districts, but almost all central area of cities
have lost the townscape failing to build modern middle
or high rise townscape. This article intend to clarify the
causes why modernization of cities could not achieve
those townscape formation.
 After Shiku-kaisei planning that affected enactment of
the city planning law, the road side scene changed a lot
which was claimed by architects at that time as a
pandemonium. It was an enterprise to build roads,
bridges, rivers that differs from methods of restrictions
or attractions provided in the city planning law. But the
law established in 1919 has the roots in it.
 The fact suggests that buildings and sites would be
regulated separately based on the compensation method
in the enterprise process which is conducted individually.
 The buildings after it have changed their facades from
Machiya(town houses) with deep eaves to plain face
especially in case of billboard architecture.
 The real cause of change is not one reason but
complexed several reasons such as fire protecting
regulations, modern architecture prototype of box form,
Shiku-kaisei planning affection both in the city planning
law and at the site of separate buildings.



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