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Possibility of Analyzing National Groups by Differential
Equations of CO2 Emission Changes.

 In this study, many countries are classified from the
viewpoint of the CO2 emission by using the
simultaneous differential equations. We can use the
classification as a technique for considering countries
as whether the country is in the developmental stage
or in the decline stage. Moreover, because the CO2
emission relates to the efficiency of the energy
utilization, the directionality of the long term
development of that countries can be examined by
this analysis. We analyze by 2 varieties of indexes,
one is the annual CO2 emission per one person
(The unit: t) and the other is CO2 emissions for
GDP$1 (The unit: kg) because it is thought that the
CO2 emission greatly depends on the countries scale.
 We can get the data from the database of the
United Nations. The simultaneous differential
equations are used for the analysis. Then, the
classification arrangement of countries seen from the
mechanism of the change “Two nations that the glance
is in a different situation are applying to the differential
equation of actually almost the same coefficient”
becomes possible.



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